Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria"

"How do you solve a problem like Maria?" A problem?

If she only knew-- Maria von Trapp’s life continues to be a blessing to countless people around the world. Her beautiful life story still brings joy and pleasure to many through dance productions and plays, as well as providing our family with sewing opportunities! The rippling effect of one life lived for God is amazing. We have always been inspired by the creativity and imagination of Maria von Trapp and her family; their beautiful music, self-sufficient life style, and their way of dress.

Over the years we have enjoyed sewing clothes that have a European flair. A couple of years ago we began selling a dress that we named in honor of Maria von Trapp- Maria’s Austrian Floral Dress. Since first introducing this dress we have sewn several for different heritage days events, Oktoberfest and even school productions of “The Sound of Music”.

This past December we were contacted by a dance studio with a request to sew 19 of our Maria’s Austrian dresses, 19 pairs of bloomers and two lederhosen with shirt sets. The dance studio was planning to perform a dance production to the music from “The Sound of Music”. We were thrilled with the opportunity!

We had never created lederhosen before but it was something we had wanted to sew for quite some time. My mother sewed a prototype, with great success! Then she moved on to sewing the two sets for the dance studio. I thought they turned out really well. As a side note- we will soon be offering lederhosen in our Etsy shop.

My mother did the majority of sewing, but my sister and I helped out by sewing all of the bloomers. Yesterday, as we finished up the last of the order, we listened to the soundtrack from “The Sound of Music” and imagined how sweet all 21 children will look dancing to the beautiful music! We are so grateful that the LORD blessed us with this opportunity and for the beautiful life example of Maria von Trapp.


  1. I'm so glad for your good success! Psalm 34:1

  2. What a blessing and an opportunity! I'm sure your mother greatly appreciated your help sewing and with home keeping while she was so busy ~ everything looks so lovely!