Monday, October 11, 2010

The photos above were sent to us by a dear customer living in California. She had ordered a Cecilia dress and bonnet from our website for her granddaughter. Her granddaughter is a fan of "Little House on the Prairie". I must say this time of year always brings Little House to mind. Of late my mother and I have enjoyed listening to "By the Shores of Silver Lake" on cd while we sew.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Divine Light in Darkness

“For thou wilt light my candle.” Psalm 18:28

It may be that my soul sits in darkness; and if this be of a spiritual kind, no human power can bring me light. Blessed be God! He can enlighten my darkness and at once light my candle. Even though I may be surrounded by a “darkness which might be felt,” yet He can break the gloom and immediately make it bright around me.
The mercy is that if He lights the candle none can blow it out, neither will it go out for lack of substance, nor burn out of itself through the lapse of hours. The lights which the LORD kindled in the beginning are shining still. The LORD’s lamp may need trimming, but He does not put them out.
Let me, then, like the nightingale sing in the dark. Expectation shall furnish me with music, and hope shall pitch the tune. Soon I shall rejoice in the candle of God’s lighting. I am dull and dreary just now. Perhaps it is the weather, or bodily weakness, or the surprise of a sudden trouble; but whatever has made the darkness, it is God alone who will bring the light. My eyes are unto Him alone. I shall soon have the candles of the LORD shining about me; and, further on in His own good time, I shall be where they need no candle, neither light of the sun. Hallelujah!
From “Faith’s Checkbook” by Charles H. Spurgeon
Here is a beautiful song that my sister Hannah wrote. The LORD has truly gifted her with song writting, singing and playing guitar