Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Story of The Scarlet Thread Part Two

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
Hebrews 11:1

Throughout the winter and spring of 2005 we busily sewed in anticipation of the LEAH (loving education at home) convention in Syracuse, New York. For years we had attended the convention. In fact my two sisters and I graduated at the LEAH convention.
We were somewhat apprehensive; would people be interested in purchasing clothing? Or were they simply there to purchase curriculum?
Upon our arrival we were directed to our booth space. Much to our amazement we were located at the front of the vendor hall! As each person entered the convention our booth was the first to be seen. Another unexpected blessing was the fact that one of the main themes of the 2005 convention was purity and modesty. Two virtues we certainly try to uphold with our sewing.
The convention proved to be an amazing blessing and encouragement to us all. We sold almost everything, met wonderful people, and were given the idea of creating a website for our business.
The remainder of 2005 was very busy for my sisters and me in a way we had never expected. Through the recommendation of a friend we were hired as temporary help at a local bridal shop. Our business, The Scarlet Thread, was put on hold throughout the summer and fall of 2005.
While working at the bridal shop we were taught how to alter bridal wear, which in turn was a great way to learn how to sew bridal wear. When looking back I realized that our time at the bridal shop was just another step. The LORD used that time to teach us an entirely new aspect of sewing.
Throughout the fall my mother did receive orders from customers we had met at the LEAH convention. As we all settled down for the winter of 2006 we began working towards having enough merchandise for the 2006 convention.
When spring arrived we began photographing our merchandise with the intent of launching our website. We had the pleasure of spending a day that spring with one of the lovely families we met at the convention. Their two daughters were our original models for the girls’ page of our website. Our site was completed shortly before the convention.

My concept of the internet was very limited at that time. Never having really shopped or used the internet I could not grasp the vast audience that a website could draw. My hope was to hand out enough business cards during the convention in order that those living in New York would be familiar with our business, and would perhaps visit our website throughout the year. The thought of people in other states or even different countries finding our website never even crossed my mind. I thought potential customers would not even know about The Scarlet Thread unless I personally told them or they heard about us from a friend.
The 2006 convention was just as wonderful as that of 2005. We were all quite excited to see what the LORD had planned next for The Scarlet Thread.
The first order we received through our website was for a girls slip from a town called Taylorsville in North Carolina. I was delighted, Taylorsville. : )
Throughout the late summer of 2006 my mother, sisters and I experienced a major change in our family. It was a very difficult time, emotionally and financially. It seemed that the LORD had planned the perfect time for our website to begin. It not only began to provide for us financially, but the busyness and interaction with customers at the time was so necessary for us!
Much to my surprise we were receiving orders from all over the country. Many other businesses linked with our site, which brought people to our website that never would have known about us.
That Christmas was wonderful, by that time we were receiving a consistent flow of orders, and we just loved sewing all the little nightgowns for different customers. We could just imagine all the little girls in different states waking up Christmas morning wearing the nightgowns we had sewn.
I began keeping track of all the states and countries we sold to, and as of today we have sent orders to 48 of the 50 states. The two states we are waiting for are Wyoming and Nevada. We have also sold to 9 countries-- Belgium, Australia, France, and Germany to name a few.
Sometimes it’s hard to believe just 7 years ago we were selling our merchandise at Hanna Junction, never in our wildest imagination could we have dreamed of selling our clothing around the world. God is so faithful!!
Both photos above are of our booth at the LEAH convention.


  1. Sarah, I enjoyed reading the story of how your family business began. God is so good! He blesses the work of your hands and the desire of others for your modest clothing.
    Wonderful testimony :-)

  2. I love your clothes and I wear them almost daily. I've been praying for your family for a long time and doing what I can to promote your business ... because I love it!!

    I own 10 of your items so far.

    I don't know how to use Etsy but I sure know my way to your site.

    Thanks for detailing your start. I liked knowing the story.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words, and most of all your prayers. : ) It blesses my day to know that you are still enjoying what we have sewn!

    In Jesus,