Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Day in Penn Yan

Recently, we took our sewing machines to the Penn Yan Sewing Machine shop for an annual tune-up. This is always such a treat! My sewing machine is returned to me running like it did the day I first purchased it. : )
But beyond the pleasure of a smooth running machine is the enjoyment of a lovely day trip to Penn Yan. There is a large Mennonite community living in the Penn Yan area. Neat, white, farm houses set a top rolling hills, and from certain areas you can even catch a glimpse of Seneca lake, the largest of the Finger Lakes.
As you drive along many of the country roads you will see family run businesses, many run from home. Of my favorites are the several little fabric shops. : )
Pictured above is a green house we visited. It was difficult to decide what flowers to purchase when they had so many lovely plants to choose from. Our trunk that had been previously filled with our sewing machines on our ride to Penn Yan, was now packed with flowers on our ride home.


  1. I just had to comment on your Volvo there in the first picture! I let out a little squeal every time I see an old Volvo. They last forever! Ours is 16 yrs old and we're coming up on the 200,000 mile mark. Looks like had a fun trip!

  2. Thank you Kate! Our Volvo actually is 1984, a year older then me. : ) It has really been a blessing, because when we purchased this car 3 years ago it only had 54,ooo miles.