Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My, the month of May has flown by! Here at The Scarlet Thread we have been very busy sewing yet still finding time to enjoy this lovely spring.

One day this May, worth recounting, occurred a few weeks ago. The trees were beautifully clothed in pink and white blossoms, their petals had begun gently falling. The streets and sidewalks in town were scattered with blossoms. My sister Hannah and I had driven into town to pick up our sister Rachel from the bakery where she works. I couldn’t help but think it seemed like May Day, as depicted in the movie “Maytime”.
Hannah and I assisted Rachel as she cleaned the bakery in preparation to close up shop. When we left the bakery, and were preparing to drive away, Hannah noticed a small, meowing cat staggering down the street. He stopped at an open doorway and meowed in hopes that someone might hear and come to his aid. Upon further investigation we saw realized he was starving. His little body was so bony we could clearly see the outline of his ribs.
Rachel had a package of over baked cookies that the owner of the bakery had given her. She crumbled the cookie on the side walk. The cat immediately began eating the cookie, but in between bites he would stop to rub against our legs as if to say “thank you”.
We then decided we must do something for this cat, and as we had planned to travel to a nearby town, which has an animal shelter, we decided to take him along and drop him off at the shelter.
The time was almost 5 pm and we were concerned that the animal shelter would be closed…. and it was. However, there were several vehicles in the parking lot so Rachel decided to call them on her cell phone.
Much to our disappointment, the gentleman we spoke with was anything but helpful. He told us we could either let the cat go, we knew this would end in death for the poor cat, or take him to another animal shelter about 45 minutes away.
We all went back to Hannah’s car to discuss our next course of action. I held the box with the docile cat on my lap, occasionally lifting the flap of the box to make sure he was still okay.
We decided to take him home, give him food and water and then make our final decision the next day. Plan #1 take him to the other animal shelter, plan #2 take him to the veterinarian and officially make him a member of our family.
The next day we took him to our vet. What can I say? It only took one evening for him to win our hearts. : ) Our vet told us he was healthy, except for being malnourished and slightly lame. He evidently suffered a fracture to his knee and hip as a wee kitten, and due to a lack of care he never healed properly. We also discovered that he is only about six months old.
Since the day we found him was so lovely, and my thoughts of “Maytime”, I named him Nelson after Nelson Eddy.
Nelson is very happy here at his new home. After a few weeks of receiving lots of love and care he is looking quite handsome and healthy.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful:
The Lord God made them all. –Cecil Frances Alexander

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  1. Good morning Sarah

    As always, I love your story about your new member of your family, Nelson. So sweet! Each time I come to your blog, I discover new links to other Christian sites, I have to say that all of the links that you have posted are such a blessing to me. I am so blessed to have found your website, I know it was not an accident. I think as it gets closer to our Lord's return we need each others encouragement to help keep us grounded in Him. You all are a beautiful family and I really love visiting your postings, it tugs at my heart. What you have where you live is not found here in California, at least I have not found it. And we live in the country but it is changing so fast.